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Our founding members have a long history of developing custom enterprise software for the world's leading brand names. We want to serve you by providing our extensive experience in cloud software development to solve your most challenging digitalization problems.






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Member of SATAKUNTA.AI Group

We are part of SATAKUNTA.AI - Group of Companies delivering Artificial Intelligent and related projects together with over 60 AI specialists. 

Services We Provide:


Koivu has developed a solution that connects Excel to enterprise systems in a very innovative way enabling one truth for planning and decision making. Koivu.Cloud synchronizes the data in Excels and enterprise systems while allowing users to continue to use the spreadsheet tool they prefer.

SaaS Solution Development

Koivu.Cloud platform enables quick development of SaaS solutions for your brand. For example, you can offer your customers self-service portal or your suppliers a supply-chain collaboration hub.  

Analytics and Machine Learning

We have built machine learning models and know the technical and process challenges in taking an idea to a working production model. We have the experience and tools to help you formulate the data requirements, create the data set for training and learning, and move the model into a decision tool to support your business.

Why People Choose Us:

Industry Experience

We know business in addition to technology. We understand your business and can ramp up our teams quickly.

Technology Know-How

We have numerous experiences with many technologies over the years and know the right services to utilize in your unique situation.

Process Experience

We have been involved in large corporation’s operational business processes as both practitioners and consultants. This experience enables us to bring the right combination of technology and process consulting to solve your challenges.

Easy to Work With

Your priority is our priority. We are motivated to help you in the manner which is easiest for you. We support this principle by being flexible and providing many different commercial models with which to engage us.

On time services

Our agile delivery framework, the Koivu Delivery Methodology, focuses on iterative, incremental prototype delivery and piloting to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our customers. We deliver frequently without surprises. We work transparently and show progress on every step.

Capability to Deliver

We have been using agile methodologies to deliver projects at high productivity for over fifteen years.


Learn how you can improve spreadsheet integration to other enterprise systems:


Sami Lahti

Senior Technology Architect

Former JDA, i2, Innomat

Janne Salmi

Senior Business Architect

Former Chainalytics, ROCE
Partners, McKinsey, Nokia

Samu Lahti

Senior Software Architect

Former JDA, i2, Tieto

Harri Rajala

Senior Software Architect

Former JDA, i2, Innomat

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Koivu Solutions has offices in USA and Finland. You are welcome to contact us directly or to send us message and we will guide you to the right location.


USA: Nashville, TN 
Finland: Friitalantie 13 B 14, 28400 Ulvila


USA: +1 615 856 3314
Finland: + 358 40 544 4088
contactus (at)

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A birch is a thin-leaved hardwood tree. This root word is from *bʰreh₁ǵ- ‘to shine’, in reference to the birch's white bark. The birch symbolizes growth, renewal, stability, initiation and adaptability because It is highly adaptive and able to sustain harsh conditions with casual indifference. Because of the hardness of birch, it is easier to shape it with power tools. It is the national tree of Finland.

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