Agile and easy pricing solution for companies that have hit the wall with Excel

The Koivu Pricing Suite is easy to take into use and provides value fast. It lets you make better pricing decisions with less effort.

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Impactful Results

Margin uplift
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through better pricing decisions

Reduction in pricing errors
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by minimizing manual data entry

Faster pricing cycle times
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for quicker price adjustments


Dynamic pricing

Koivu’s dynamic pricing model lets you adjust prices fast, intelligently and accurately.


Koivu’s configure-price-quote tool empowers sales teams to select products and set prices to create winning quotes.

Campaign management

Koivu migrates your campaign and promotion processes to a cloud-based campaign management engine.

Price list management

With Koivu, you can create and adjust price lists with flexible pricing sequences and intelligent rules.


Koivu pricing analytics shows you how prices affect your profitability and ways to optimize your pricing structures.

Enterprise platform

Koivu manages prices in a cloud database – not in files – and provides enterprise-grade security, access control, and APIs

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This template will in detail demonstrate the capabilities of the Koivu Price Management Template 2.0.

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