Artificial Intelligence expands Econia’s service offering

Koivu Solutions provides the digitization expertise and access to the latest AI know-how. 

Econia Oy builds new digital services that bring added value to its clients by improving day-to-day enterprise tasks. For this challenge, Econia turned to the experienced team at Koivu Solutions.

Econia has grown strongly through company acquisitions and outsourcing of its clients’ service functions. Elina Salmivala, CEO of Econia, sees the value of digitization and AI, and is committed to developing new approaches to business. “Our industry is going through incredible changes and the market is craving new types of digital services. We’re dedicated to facilitating these needs.”

The government of Finland is active in driving the changes towards electronic commerce as a whole. What was traditionally physical information will in the future only be available in digital form. This is already the case for most invoices and increasingly also receipts. The days of customers mailing slips of paper to Econia are starting to be over. In the future, Econia will no longer handle physical material because business will be purely digital.

Koivu is an expert with long experience in digital commerce. Sami Lahti, a co-founder at Koivu Solutions states, “Digitization opens the door to AI and new types of services that will simplify service structures – that is if they’re implemented correctly.” Koivu is a Google partner and member of its start-up program. This gives Koivu and its clients access to new AI solutions of which Google is the world leader. Koivu is one of the 2,000 companies worldwide working alongside Google as a “private alpha” phase AI solution developer.  

Econia is a Finnish company, in which financial administration and human resource management services are available under the same roof. Our cooperation with several European and Asian companies has provided us with extensive experience in international reporting practices and managing tight schedules. Our main office is located in Ulvila, near Pori, and from there we serve our international clients. Furthermore, we have 12 business locations in Finland and serve hundreds of Finnish companies with our full-house financial and recruitment services. Econia is expanding its operations throughout the country.
Econia is an authorized member of the Private Employment Agencies Association. We operate according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality system, certified by Bureau Veritas. Further information:

Koivu Solutions Oy - is focused on utilizing the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud services in its client companies. Koivu has a strong relationship with the world's leading technology companies and is also developing new own technologies and products, such as the Koivu Value Flow Cloud Service (, which helps companies overcome vulnerabilities in Excel processes by migrating them to the cloud. Further information: