Efva Attling Stockholm Renews Price Management Process

Jewelry pricing is surprisingly complex, therefore, Efva asked Koivu Solutions to upgrade its pricing process. “A dynamic multi-creator whose style-proof design embodies the most important moments of life,” stated Swedish ELLE at their 2018 Gala when they awarded world-known jewelry designer and manufacturer Efva Attling. Pricing challenges   Efva’s pricing team was experiencing difficulties in…

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See what Koivu.Cloud offers for pricing and campaign management teams

VP of Sales If your team is managing, for example, sales campaigns, promotions, discounts, rebates, or prices in Excel, you can use Koivu.Cloud to get business processes automated with ease. CIO If Excel spreadsheets are by-passing enterprise systems in your company, Koivu.Cloud enables you to easily integrate spreadsheet data with other systems and add powerful…

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