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Econia eases corona life with a free app that digitizes receipts

Due to the coronavirus, working from home will continue through the spring and summer for many. Econia, a full-house accounting company, has developed a new Artificial Intelligence-based mobile application to digitize accounting documents.

Leading North American retailer is using the Koivu Value Flow Cloud© for campaign planning

A distinguished fashion brand with hundreds of stores in North America is using the Koivu Value Flow Cloud to plan its sales campaigns. Previously, the chain used only Microsoft Excel to plan its sales campaigns, which created many challenges including pricing mistakes.

Artificial Intelligence expands Econia’s service offering

Koivu Solutions provides the digitization expertise and access to the latest AI know-how. Econia Oy builds new digital services that bring added value to its clients by improving day-to-day enterprise tasks. For this challenge, Econia turned to the experienced team at Koivu Solutions.

Koivu’s cloud solution streamlines Excel-based processes

With business constantly changing, enterprise software landscape becomes spotted with “white spaces” that are filled by isolated Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Toimittajakollaboraatio poikkeustilanteissa

STO:n etäjäsenilta 7.5.2020
”Koronakevään” 2020 kolmas virtuaalinen STO-tapahtuma keskittyi toimittajakollaboraatioon ja sen toimintaan poikkeustilanteissa. Isäntänä jäsenillassa oli Janne Salmi, yksi Koivu Solutions Oy:n perustajista.

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