Why Koivu

At Koivu, we put our customers first and always deliver impactful business results.

Customer first

We work from a customer-first mindset. Our objective is 100% successful implementations that deliver impactful business results.

Pricing expertise

We focus on pricing processes and solutions. Through this single focus, we’ve accumulated great pricing expertise, as well as productized it into our modern platform.

Modern technology

Koivu Pricing Suite is developed using modern cloud technology and provides easy-to-use, scalable and secure pricing solutions. Koivu also has an innovative way to use Microsoft Excel as a familiar user interface while all data is stored in the Koivu.Cloud database – a
winning combination from both user and IT perspectives.

Quick time to value

Our agile implementation methodology focuses on iterative solution delivery to ensure that we meet customer needs. With Koivu, you can bank on a quick return on investment.