Koivu Root Study

The Koivu Root Study gives you a fact-based assessment of your current pricing process in just three days. The purpose of the Root Study is to:

1. Identify key problems in your current process

2. Find the root causes

3. Define a solution and quantify business benefits

Proof of Concept (POC)

The Koivu POC demonstrates the functionality of our Pricing Suite and verifies that it fits your business needs. If your company uses an Excel spreadsheet in the pricing area, Koivu can build a POC based on existing templates while also combining your Excel into the solution. This enables you to leverage the knowhow that your familiar Excel contains.

Process and solution design

Our team has over 125 years of business and technology expertise so we can provide the right combination of technology and process consulting to solve your challenges.

Agile implementation

We use agile methodologies to deliver projects. Our agile implementation methodology focuses on iterative solution delivery to meet customer needs.

SaaS solution development

The Koivu.Cloud platform enables quick development of SaaS solutions for your company. For example, you can offer a self-service portal for your customers or a supply-chain collaboration hub for your suppliers.

See our press release about a SaaS solution case.

AI and Machine Learning

We build machine learning models and understand the technical and process challenges you face when turning an idea into a working production model. We have the expertise and tools to help you formulate data requirements, create data sets for training and learning, and move the model into a decision tool.

Here’s an example case. 


Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we’re obsessed with both solution and support quality. You can always rely on our customer service.

Koivu.Cloud for Excel integration

Koivu.Cloud is a solution that connects Excel to enterprise systems in an innovative way enabling one truth for planning and decision making. Koivu.Cloud synchronizes the data between Excels and enterprise systems while allowing users to continue to use the spreadsheet tool they prefer. The data is stored in the Koivu.Cloud database – not in Excel files – making “one-truth” data available at all times.