Data Protection Officers trust DPO365

Privaon is a globally recognized specialist in privacy and data protection. Privaon’s DPO365 SaaS solution ensures that an organization’s data protection tasks are on track. The development of the DPO365 has been done in close cooperation with Koivu Solutions.

Privaon has years of experience in helping companies in the areas of Privacy Risk Management and Privacy Engineering. It helps customers manage privacy challenges and implement GDPR requirements through services such as:

• Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a Service
• Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
• eLearnings and trainings

DPO365 is the first top-down service for data protection, and it offers well-defined planning, reporting and guiding tools. It offers the DPO the following benefits:

  1. Extensive task planning in just 10 minutes with ready-made templates
  2. Clarity and structure to complex privacy operations
  3. An easy way to monitor progress
  4. Ability to demonstrate compliance immediately
  5. Time and money savings by automating accountability

In a nutshell, DPO365 provides peace of mind to the data privacy professional through well-defined planning, reporting and guiding.

When Privaon wanted to create a SaaS solution to enhance both its own and its customers’ data protection activities, it turned to Koivu Solutions. Built on the Koivu.Cloud SaaS Platform, the DPO365 provides a comprehensive solution to help DPOs handle their organizations’ data protection.

“We have been very satisfied with the agile development by Koivu’s experts, and we really benefitted from their ready-made SaaS platform services. We have been using Koivu.Cloud for a year now and it’s been very robust,” says Tomi Mikkonen, Partner at Privaon.

“Koivu.Cloud enables companies to build SaaS solutions rapidly thanks to its extensive functionality for enterprise-grade security, data integrity, cloud platform computing and agile user experience modifications. Privaon and Koivu worked together as one team to deliver a value-adding solution fast,” sums up Sami Lahti, founding member of Koivu Solutions.

For more information:
Tomi Mikkonen, Partner at Privaon
Tel. +358 50 328 1446,

Sami Lahti, Founding Member of Koivu Solutions
Tel. +358 40 544 4088,

About Privaon
Privaon offers privacy services to manage its customers’ privacy challenges and offers tools and services to implement General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. We believe that privacy is not an obstacle for business but a competitive advantage when implemented correctly. That is why we provide services that help our customers meet both their business needs and regulatory requirements efficiently. We call this Privacy as a Service.

About Koivu Solutions

Koivu Solutions Oy is focused on developing advanced cloud solutions that are super easy to use. Koivu’s services consist of consulting, solution development and proprietary products, such as Koivu.Cloud, which enables fast creation of SaaS solutions based on extensive SaaS platform services. For more information, see


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