IntegrationWorks partners with Koivu Solutions to integrate and synchronize data in Excel and enterprise solutions.

IntegrationWorks, the company that specialises in data connectivity for enterprise applications, infrastructure, and cloud environments, today announced their new partnership with Koivu Solutions, provider of the innovative platform for integrating Excel® with enterprise solutions, such as ERPs, CRMs and MDMs

“When I had my first meeting with Koivu’s founders in 2020, I immediately realised that their platform solves a problem that exists at most enterprises: The Excel Bypass of enterprise systems. When business needs change quickly, IT teams often struggle to change enterprise systems fast enough, causing employees to build the needed logic and data sets in spreadsheets. This results in two different data sets, or ‘truths’; data in spreadsheets vs. enterprise systems. Koivu.Cloud solves this problem in an elegant and repeatable way, and is a valuable addition to our toolbox,” says Rob Benson, Chief Executive of IntegrationWorks.

How does Koivu.Cloud work?

“Hundreds of millions of Excel users worldwide love Excel because it is a flexible personal tool that gives them what they need quickly. Companies have invested millions in enterprise systems with the goal of having all critical data in those systems. Koivu.Cloud is a solution that connects Excel to enterprise systems in a very innovative way, enabling one truth for planning and decision making while allowing users to continue to use the spreadsheet tool they prefer,” explains Sami Lahti, Co-Founder of Koivu Solutions.

Koivu.Cloud enables enterprises to accelerate processes, improve quality and reduce costs in four simple steps: 

1) Use existing spreadsheets. Keep the Excel sheets you love and let Koivu help you get the most out of what you’ve built into them.

2) Migrate data to the cloud. Create a cloud database from your Excel sheet in a super-easy way and profit from Koivu.Cloud’s powerful enterprise software capabilities.

3) Integrate and automate. Accelerate business processes and eliminate manual data entry with Koivu’s instantly created REST APIs that integrate Excel data to other systems via the cloud database.

4) Simulate and optimize. Leverage the cloud-based simulation engine for planning, pricing and other business critical tasks. 

“As a global leader in integration, IntegrationWorks is an ideal partner for Koivu. We are excited about our partnership and look forward to working together to deliver easy-to-use solutions that fulfill our customers’ business and integration needs,” says Janne Salmi, Co-Founder of Koivu Solutions.

For more information: 
Rob Benson, Chief Executive, IntegrationWorks
Mobile +44 7367 156 165

Janne Salmi, Founding Member, Koivu Solutions Oy
Mobile +358 40 556 5771

About IntegrationWorks

IntegrationWorks enable enterprises to connect and use their data more efficiently.  

As a recognised global leader in integration, IntegrationWorks employs the best integration architectural experts and DevOps specialists who ultimately believe connected technology is fundamental to high-performing organisations. Paired with a range of world-class integration platform partners, including Koivu Solutions, IntegrationWorks work closely with clients to align emerging technologies with reliable and proven best practices, creating solutions tailored to their business and integration needs.

IntegrationWorks helps customers to:

  • Transform with an Integration Strategy
  • Invest with Confidence
  • Integrate Anything
  • Integrate Anywhere
  • Integrate at Speed

A strong IT business relies on the innovation, dedication, and insightfulness of talented technicians. IntegrationWorks expert staff have delivered over 500 successful projects in over 15 years, and we believe no one delivers better integration advice and solutions.

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About Koivu Solutions

Koivu Solutions is a company focused on solutions that enable one truth across your organization through advanced cloud solutions that are super easy to use. Koivu.Cloud upgrades Excel® from a personal tool to a real enterprise system, which synchronizes data between spreadsheets and enterprise systems, such as ERPs, CRMs and MDMs. 

Example Koivu.Cloud use cases:

  • Pricing, promotion and campaign management
  • Configuration, pricing and quoting (CPQ)
  • Financial budgeting and planning
  • Scenario planning
  • Demand planning
  • For more information, visit

Excel is the registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.


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