Dr. Pallab Chatterjee joins Koivu Solutions as advisory board member to assist with global growth

Koivu Solutions Oy announced today the appointment of Dr. Pallab Chatterjee as an advisory board member. Dr. Chatterjee is an internationally recognized high-tech executive with vast experience in software company management, strategy, technology, operations, and private equity.


“I’ve known the Koivu founding team from the time I was the CEO of i2 Technologies where they developed enterprise software for some of our most demanding solution areas and customers,”

“I trust the team and am convinced that their focus area has potential for significant global growth.”

Dr. Chatterjee


Executive experience from leading software and technology enterprises

Dr. Chatterjee has an impressive track record in leading and growing software companies. Dr. Chatterjee is currently the Chairman of 3 Lines VC, which invests in AI-focused companies. He recently retired from the CEO position at Symphony Retail AI, where he built the company from $50M to $150M focused on customer intelligence and supply chain solutions for the grocery industry.  While at Symphony, Dr. Chatterjee was also Managing Director and Operating Partner at Symphony Technology Group, a strategic private equity firm that invests in building great software and services companies.

Before joining Symphony, Dr. Chatterjee was the CEO of i2 Technologies, Inc., a leading supply chain software vendor.  Prior to assuming the CEO role, Dr. Chatterjee was President Solutions Operations responsible for product development, product marketing, and delivery of i2 Technologies’ solutions. It was during this time that Dr. Chatterjee got to know the team that later founded Koivu Solutions.

Dr. Chatterjee also spent 24 years at Texas Instruments in various executive management positions, including Senior Vice President of Research and Development, Chief Technology Officer, President of TI’s Notebook and Calculator Business, and the Global CIO.


  • Chairman of 3 Lines VC
  • Recently retired from the CEO position of Symphony Retail AI
  • Former Managing Director and Operating Partner at Symphony Technology Group
  • Served as CEO and President Solutions Operations of i2 Technologies, Inc.
  • 24 years at Texas Instruments as SVP of Research and Development, Chief Technology Officer, President of Notebook and Calculator Business, and Global CIO



Goal: Global growth

“We are grateful for the interest that Pallab has shown in Koivu and are excited to have him as an advisor to our team,” says Janne Salmi, co-founder of Koivu Solutions. “Hundreds of millions of Excel users worldwide love Excel because it is a flexible personal tool that gives them what they need quickly – no need to wait for the IT department. On the other hand, companies have invested millions in enterprise systems with the goal of having all critical data in those systems. Koivu.Cloud synchronizes the data in Excels and enterprise solutions while allowing users to continue to use the spreadsheet tool they prefer,” says Salmi.

“When I had a web session with Koivu’s founding team this summer, I immediately realized that they solve a problem that exists at all enterprises regardless of size, industry or geography. I like to call this ‘the Excel bypass of enterprise systems’ resulting in a situation where there are two different data sets – or ‘truths’ – in spreadsheets vs. enterprise systems. Koivu has developed a solution that connects Excel to enterprise systems in a very innovative way enabling one truth for decision making.”


Strong team with proven results

“Our core software development team has worked together since the early 1990s, first at Innomat Oy that was acquired by i2 Technologies in 1998. Our team moved in 1998 to the US for a couple of years to be integrated with the i2 product development process and continued as i2’s only European development team based in our home region of Ulvila, Finland. When JDA acquired i2 in 2010, our Finnish team continued developing solutions for configuration, pricing, and eCommerce for global customers like Lenovo, Caterpillar, and GUESS,” says Sami Lahti, co-founder of Koivu Solutions.

“We welcome Pallab as a mentor and advisor. I worked closely with him at i2 as the director responsible for developing mission-critical eCommerce and pricing solutions. Pallab is a visionary leader and has the experience that will be valuable in building Koivu to a global software vendor,” Lahti sums up.

For more information:

Sami Lahti, Founding Member of Koivu Solutions Oy
Mobile +358 40 544 4088

Janne Salmi, Founding Member of Koivu Solutions Oy
Mobile +358 40 556 5771

Koivu Solutions Oy is a company focused on solutions that enable one truth across your organization through advanced cloud solutions that are super easy to use. Koivu.Cloud upgrades Excel® from a personal tool to a real enterprise system, which synchronizes data between spreadsheets and enterprise systems, such as ERPs, CRMs, and MDMs. For more information, see https://koivu.cloud/

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